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Talk 04: Becoming Mycelial with Sophia Wang

August 30, 2022 MycoWorks
MycoWorks LIFE
Talk 04: Becoming Mycelial with Sophia Wang
Show Notes

“My journey? It’s an amazing arc,” says Sophia Wang, MycoWorks co-founder and Chief of Culture. Named one of Conscious Fashion Campaign’s 2022 honorees, in this episode Sophia revisits her journey with our host Xevi: from her beginnings as a dancer and performer, to literature instructor and PhD at UC Berkeley, to co-founding MycoWorks with Phil Ross in 2013, to Chief of Culture today. "It's an honor to be part of a growing community of people who are recalibrating what ‘green’ practices look like, and how positive impact should be measured."

In this episode:
03:00 - The early years of MycoWorks: how to turn an art studio practice into a company.
10:00 - The big reveal: unveiling the first cowhide-sized sheet of Reishi™ in 2017.
11:30 - Chief of Culture: a title invented for Sophia; the increasing value that culture plays in growing a company.
14:00 - How does it feel to be recognized with other female leaders in the Conscious Fashion Campaign?
28:00 - Sustainability as creating and consuming in a way that replenishes yourself and the environment.

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